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The relevance of biological materials and processes to computing—alias bioputing—has been explored for decades. These materials include DNA, RNA and proteins, while the processes include transcription, translation, signal transduction and regulation. Recently, the use of bacteria themselves as living computers has been explored but this use generally falls(More)
Bacterial disease is a major cause of suffering and the scarcity of new molecules that can act on bacteria is a major problem. New strategies for developing such molecules might be based on recent concepts in microbiology. Hyperstructures are large assemblies of molecules and macromolecules that perform functions such as DNA replication and chemotaxis and(More)
What is biological complexity? How many sorts exist? Are there levels of complexity? How are they related to one another? How is complexity related to the emergence of new phenotypes? To try to get to grips with these questions, we consider the archetype of a complex biological system, Escherichia coli. We take the position that E. coli has been selected to(More)
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