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Performance of bioaugmentation-assisted phytoextraction applied to metal contaminated soils: a review.
Bioaugmentation-assisted phytoextraction is a promising method for the cleaning-up of soils contaminated by metals. Bacteria mainly Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) and fungi mainlyExpand
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Enhanced phytoextraction of an agricultural Cr- and Pb-contaminated soil by bioaugmentation with siderophore-producing bacteria.
Bioaugmentation-assisted phytoextraction may enhance the phytoextraction efficiency thanks to larger metal mobilization by microbial metabolites. Green fluorescent protein-tagged cells of PseudomonasExpand
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Changes in Extractability of Cr and Pb in a Polycontaminated Soil After Bioaugmentation With Microbial Producers of Biosurfactants, Organic Acids and Siderophores
Partly because of the low bioavailability of metals, the soil cleaning-up using phytoremediation is usually time-consuming. In order to enhance the amount of metals at the plant's disposal, the soilExpand
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Effects of organic and mineral amendments on available P and phosphatase activities in a degraded Mediterranean soil under short-term incubation experiment
Abstract The aim of this study was to determine the effects of mineral and organic-P-fertilizers on soil P availability, bacteria densities and phosphatase activities, in a degraded MediterraneanExpand
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Procédé de phytoextraction couplé à la bioaugmentation d'un sol agricole polycontaminé par du chrome, du mercure et du plomb
Les sols agricoles sont depuis de nombreuses annees contamines directement par apports d'intrants (pesticides, fertilisants) mais egalement de facon indirecte en raison de la proximite de certainesExpand
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Impact of substrates and cell immobilization on siderophore activity by Pseudomonads in a Fe and/or Cr, Hg, Pb containing-medium.
To increase the amount of bioavailable metals in phytoextraction purposes, soil bioaugmentation with Pseudomonads, as siderophore producers with high metal complexation levels, could be relevant.Expand
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Siderophore production by using free and immobilized cells of two pseudomonads cultivated in a medium enriched with Fe and/or toxic metals (Cr, Hg, Pb)
Pseudomonads are serious candidates for siderophore production applied to toxic metal (TM) solubilization. The bioaugmentation of contaminated soils by these TM‐solubilizing bacteria combined withExpand
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Bioaugmentation-Assisted Phytoextraction Applied to Metal-Contaminated Soils: State of the Art and Future Prospects
Bioaugmentation-assisted phytoextraction is a promising method for accelerating the cleanup rate of soils contaminated by metals. On average, bioaugmentation increases metal accumulated by plantExpand
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