Armelle Arnoux

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1. Cells derived from a rat pituitary tumour (GC cell line) that continuously release growth hormone behave as endogenous pacemakers. In simultaneous patch clamp recordings and cytosolic Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i) imaging, they displayed rhythmic action potentials (44.7 +/- 2.7 mV, 178 +/- 40 ms, 0.30 +/- 0.04 Hz) and concomitant [Ca2+]i transients (374(More)
To study the effects on cell counts of different ways of processing bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid, we performed 77 BAL in 19 healthy control subjects and in 58 patients with sarcoidosis. We investigated the role of readers, hemocytometers, mode of identification of macrophages, cell washing, and speed of cytocentrifugation. No significant effect of(More)
Somatostatin (somatotropin release-inhibiting factor, SRIF) interacts with G-protein coupled receptors (sst) designated sst1 through sst5. In PC12 and GC cells, SRIF binding sites were identified and mRNA receptor expression was evaluated. SRIF binding sites were expressed at a much lower density in PC12 (Kd = 21.2 +/- 3.9 nM; Bmax = 31 +/- 8 fmol/mg(More)
PAF-acether (PAF) is a pro-inflammatory phospholipid molecule potentially involved in the pathogenesis of arthritis. PAF and related metabolites have been isolated in the synovial fluid from patients with arthritis. The aim of this study was to determine PAF production by neutrophils isolated from synovial fluid and blood in patients with rheumatoid(More)
Stimulation of human blood monocytes with ionophore A 23187 induced the release of platelet-activating factor (PAF-acether). Phagocytosis of zymosan, coated or not with complement, bacteria or immune complexes, stimulated the release of PAF-acether whereas that of latex particles was without effect. Such release did not occur at 4°C or in the presence of(More)
CONTEXT Measurement of IGF-I is essential for diagnosis and management of patients with disorders affecting the somatotropic axis. However, even when IGF-I kit manufacturers follow recent consensus guidelines, different kits can give very different results for a given sample. OBJECTIVES We sought to establish normative data for six IGF-I assay kits based(More)
Solid cancers are a major adverse outcome of orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT). Although the use of chronic immunosuppression is known to play a role in T cell impairment, recent insights into the specificities of NK cells led us to reassess the potential modulation of this innate immune cell compartment after transplantation. Our extensive phenotypic(More)
We performed bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) in 120 subjects: 94 patients with sarcoidosis, 11 patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), and 15 normal volunteers. By counting cells and comparing the results with those from control subjects, we found a high percentage of lymphocytes in BAL fluid from all patients with sarcoidosis and a high percentage(More)
BACKGROUND Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein (hnRNP) A2/B1 is a target for antinuclear autoantibodies in systemic Lupus erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and autoimmune hepatitis (AIH). AIM To monitor molecular interactions between peptides spanning the entire sequence of hnRNP A2/B1 and sera from patients and healthy controls. (More)