Armele F Dornelas de Andrade

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While administration of medical aerosols with heliox and positive airway pressure are both used clinically to improve aerosol delivery, few studies have differentiated their separate roles in treatment of asthmatics. The aim of this randomized, double blinded study is to differentiate the effect of heliox and oxygen with and without positive expiratory(More)
UNLABELLED Nebulization associated with noninvasive ventilation is used in emergency services and intensive care units. PURPOSES To compare pulmonary radioaerosol deposition during jet nebulization associated to noninvasive ventilation versus spontaneous breathing nebulization; to measure the rate of lung depuration and the correlation between lung(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Recent studies showed that both sepsis and antibiotic therapy are associated with cell death and linked to reactive oxygen species generation. This study investigated the effects of intratracheal administration of combinations of antioxidants (n-acetyl cysteine (NAC), vitamins C and E) in the treatment of sepsis-induced lung injury.(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the clinical improvements attributed to noninvasive ventilation (NIV) during asthma crises, and the well established effects of nebulization, there are few studies on the effects of these interventions together. We hypothesized that nebulization coupled to NIV should raise radio-aerosol pulmonary deposition in asthmatics. The aims of this(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal pushing during the second stage of labour is an important and indispensable contributor to the involuntary expulsive force developed by uterus contraction. Currently, there is no consensus on an ideal strategy to facilitate these expulsive efforts and there are contradictory results about the influence on mother and fetus. OBJECTIVES(More)
This study analyzed regional pulmonary ventilation and electromyographic (EMG) activity of the respiratory muscles during an inspiratory muscle endurance (IME) test in 10 young women. Radioaerosol (99mTc-DTPA) was generated using a jet nebulizer connected to a linear inspiratory loading system. The lung scintigraphic analysis showed an increase in the(More)
The aim of the present study was to assess the presence of depressive symptomatology among elderly residents in long stay institution (LSI) and in the community of Recife, Brazil. In total, 81 LSI elderly patients (mean age of 75.55 + or - 9.18 years) and 132 elderly (mean age of 73.14 + or - 8.27 years) individuals from the community were evaluated.(More)
BACKGROUND Exercise intolerance is a common development in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). There is little data on the use of an isolated program using vibration platform training on functional capacity in these patients, which is an area that deserves investigation. AIM To investigate the effect of training on a vibrating(More)
BACKGROUND Slow expiration with glottis opened in lateral posture (ELTGOL, l'expiration lente totale glotte ouverte en infralatéral) has been used in clinical practice to improve mucus clearance from peripheral airways. The purpose of this crossover study was to evaluate the effect of ELTGOL on mucus clearance of right and left lungs, especially of(More)
Background Aging affects respiratory strength that could cause reduction in functional capacity and quality of life, playing a fundamental role in healthy aging and survival. To prevent these declines, the whole body vibration (WBV) has been proposed to increase strength and functional capacity. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effects of WBV on(More)