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—In this paper, we optimize low speed networks access for designing an efficient Voice over Internet Protocol network, especially in 64 kbps, 128 kbps, and 256 kbps bandwidth capacities. We draw some analytical approach based on Extended E-model to quantify some levels of quality of service. Using the model, those levels are determined by network parameters(More)
Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) with O(1) lookup performance strive to minimize the maintenance traffic required for disseminating membership changes information (events). These events dissemination allows each node in the peer-to-peer network maintains accurate routing tables with complete membership information. We present UnoHop, a novel DHT protocol with(More)
This paper describes a new second-generation-type lossy image compression scheme using wavelets for aerial ortho images. For map applications where some losses are allowed, aerial ortho images present a possibility of having a very high compression ratio, because they are natural images with many uniform (coherent) subregions. However classical compression(More)