Armein Z. R. Langi

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Distributed hash tables (DHTs) with O(1) lookup performance strive to propagate membership changes through efficient distribution mechanism to allow each node in the peer-to-peer network maintains accurate routing tables with complete membership information. We present UnoHop, an efficient DHT algorithm with O(1) lookup performance. UnoHop uses an efficient(More)
The need of improving the education quality is insparable from the strategic role of teachers. One potential solution to develop the teachers quality is the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). In this paper, we propose a Digital Learning - Lesson Study (DL-LS) that is an implementation of Lesson Study - a teacher learning method(More)
Information Technology in business is significant. This study tries to trace the relationship between IT value and firm performance. The methodology of the study is analyzing some variables forming the relationship of IT value to firm performance based on the Resource-Based View Theory. The analysis results in IT Value Model using Variance-Based Structural(More)
The paper describes a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)-based lossless data compression coprocessor using implementing a compression method developed by Rice. We have implemented the Rice code (both encoder and decoder) for 8 bit/sample data on an FPGA Xilinx XC4005. The code has been designed to be optimal on 1.5 < H < 7.5 bits/sample,(More)
This paper presents the performance analysis and comparison of three denosing methods for heart sound signal based on wavelet transform (WT), total variation (TV), and empirical mode decomposition (EMD). Extensive simulations are performed using normal and abnormal heart sound data and the performance is evaluated in terms of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR),(More)
Improving the learning process quality of the students is an urgent need, particularly for those in rural areas. A key solution in this Information era is by utilizing Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). This allows the students to broaden information access as a foundation for developing student learning community (SLC). Our approach to(More)