Armando Silvestrini-Biavati

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BACKGROUND A posterior crossbite occurs when the top back teeth bite inside the bottom back teeth. When it affects one side of the mouth, the lower jaw may have to move to one side to allow the back teeth to meet together. Several treatments have been recommended to correct this problem. Some treatments widen the upper teeth while others are directed at(More)
AIM This was to clarify dentoalveolar, skeletal and facial profile modifications induced by Fränkel II functional treatment in Class II division 1 subjects in prepubertal stages CS1-2. MATERIALS AND METHODS Evaluation of 25 caucasian subjects (15 males, 10 females), mean age 8y 11m, in vertebral stages CS1-2. The mean duration of functional treatment(More)
Diastema closure is a frequently requested, technique-sensitive cosmetic procedure. There are many techniques and materials that can be employed to close diastemas. While direct composite techniques can be economical and successful, they do present challenges in achieving satisfactory clinical and esthetic results. Traditional porcelain veneer placement may(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this randomized clinical trial was to compare the potential of deproteinized bovine bone added to autologous bone or corticocancellous allograft block with or without the addition of recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor-BB (rhPDGF-BB) to regenerate mandibular atrophic ridges. MATERIALS AND METHODS TRIAL DESIGN parallel,(More)
Biologically active substances are expressed by cells within the periodontium in response to mechanical stimuli from orthodontic appliances. Several possible biomarkers representing biological modifications during specific phenomena as simile-inflammatory process, bone resorption and formation, periodontal ligament changes, and vascular and neural responses(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the present report is to describe a procedure for zygomatic implant placement using image-guided implant surgery. This is an innovative technique and includes a new clinical approach to provide the direction to guide drilling. MATERIALS AND METHODS The ethical committee of the University of Genoa approved the study. All patients had(More)
BACKGROUND As the various systems in the body are inter-connected to form a single structural unit, a pathological condition in one area can also affect other areas. There are many known correlations between the visual and motor system. The importance of visual function, particularly the paracentral peripheral field of view, in motor coordination,(More)
BACKGROUND Plaque increase is a troubling side-effect of fixed orthodontic therapy. This generally arise as a consequence of long-term difficulty in maintaining adequate oral hygiene while wearing multibracket appliances. Demineralization, also known as white spot, causes particular concern as it spoils the aesthetic outcome of the treatment itself, not to(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess maxilla and mandibular arch widths' response to Haas-type rapid maxillary expansion (RME) anchored to deciduous vs permanent molars on children with unilateral posterior crossbite. MATERIALS AND METHODS Seventy patients with unilateral posterior crossbite recruited at the Universities of Genova, Siena, and Insubria (Varese) were(More)