Armando J L Pombeiro

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[CoCl(μ-Cl)(Hpz(Ph))3]2 (1) and [CoCl2(Hpz(Ph))4] (2) were obtained by reaction of CoCl2 with HC(pz(Ph))3 and Hpz(Ph), respectively (Hpz(Ph)=3-phenylpyrazole). The compounds were isolated as(More)
The reactions of [VO(acac)2] with bis(salicylaldehyde)-oxaloyldihydrazone (H4L) and an alkali metal carbonate M2CO3 (M = K, Na, Cs), in EtOH/H2O medium upon reflux, resulted in the generation of(More)
A radical mechanism of hydrocarbon oxidations with the environmentally friendly and cheap homogeneous nontransition metal system [Al(H(2)O)(6)](3+)/H(2)O(2)/MeCN-H(2)O was proposed for the first time(More)
The new sterically hindered scorpionate tris(3-phenylpyrazolyl)methanesulfonate (Tpms(Ph))(-) has been synthesized and its coordination behavior toward a Cu(I) center, in the presence of(More)