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Since its inception in the early seventies, Ethernet technology has experienced wide acceptance and has exhibited exponential growth. It was only recently that Ethernet managed to virtually displace competing process bus and local area network (LAN) technologies—Token Ring, Profibus, Modbus ® Plus, LonWorks ® , etc.—most of which had to switch to the(More)
Excessive heat and mechanical stress during through faults on transformers are recognized as the two major causes of damage. New technology in transformer protection relays provides for both thermal and through-fault monitoring. Fig. 1: Transformer relay with connected RTDs for thermal monitoring Fig. 2: Relative aging vs. hottest-spot temperature This(More)
The need for distributed generation (DG) has become more and more popular because of the adverse effects of fossil fuels and the fear of running out of fossil fuels. By having DG, there are less transmission losses, voltage support, controllability of the system, decreased costs in transmission and distribution, power quality improvement, energy efficiency,(More)
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