Armando Gomes

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This paper proposes a model of multilateral contracting where players are engaged in two parallel interactions: they dynamically form coalitions and play a repeated normal form game with temporary and permanent decisions. We show that when outside options are independent of the actions of other players all Markov perfect equilibrium without coordination(More)
We analyze a tractable class of multitask principal–agent problems, such as the one faced by a firm with a manager overseeing several projects. We allow for tasks to be complements or substitutes. We avoid the problems associated with the first-order approach by directly characterizing the shape of the agent's indirect utility function, which exhibits a(More)
This paper presents the design techniques employed to minimize the irradiated noise emissions of a High Speed Controller Area Network (HSCAN) line driver targeted for automotive and industrial applications. Tradeoffs between this and other architectural approaches are presented, focusing on improved emissions without reducing robustness to EMI aggressions.(More)
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