Armando Ferrer

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BACKGROUND The Cuban population is essentially a result of the admixture between Spanish, West African and, to a lesser degree, Amerindian tribes that inhabited the island. AIM The study analysed the genetic structure of the three principal ethnic groups from Havana City, and the contribution of parental populations to its genetic pool. SUBJECTS AND(More)
Nongenetic parental effects may affect offspring phenotype, and in species with multiple generations per year, these effects may cause life-history traits to vary over the season. We investigated the effects of parental, offspring developmental and offspring adult temperatures on a suite of life-history traits in the globally invasive agricultural pest(More)
A family of ligands derived from bis(amino amides) containing aliphatic spacers has been prepared, and their protonation and stability constants for the formation of Cu(2+) complexes have been determined potentiometrically. Important differences are associated to both the length of the aliphatic spacer and the nature of the side chains derived from the(More)
Two aza scorpionand-like macrocycles (L2 and L3) have been prepared. L2 consists of a tren amine with two of its arms cyclizized with a 2,6-bis(bromomethyl)pyridine. In L3, the remaining pendant arm has been further functionalized with a fluorophoric naphthalene group. X-ray data on the compounds [H(L3)]ClO4.H2O (1) and [H3(L3)](H2PO4)3.H2O (2) as well as(More)
A ligand (L1) (bis(aminoethyl)[2-(4-quinolylmethyl)aminoethyl]amine) containing a 4-quinolylmethyl group attached to one of the terminal amino groups of tris(2-aminoethyl)amine (tren) has been prepared, and its protonation constants and stability constants for the formation of Cu(2+) complexes have been determined. Kinetic studies on the formation of Cu(2+)(More)
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