Armando Ferreira-Nuño

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In this study, sexually experienced female rats were tested in a multiple-partner preference test (MPPT) in which they were allowed to pace their sexual contacts with four sexually active males. Four cylinders, with a small hole through which only the female could move freely from one cylinder to another, were assembled forming in the center an empty(More)
INTRODUCTION It has been demonstrated that testing conditions may influence sexual performance in many mammals, including male rats. We recently developed a multiple partner choice arena (MPCA) consisting of four acrylic cylinders placed in a cross pattern with one male in each cylinder. A sexually receptive female rat was introduced into the center of the(More)
OBJECTIVE In this study we examined the possibility that demasculinization produced by the neonatal administration of tamoxifen is accompanied by a decline in plasma levels of testosterone during adulthood. METHODS Wistar male rats received either a treatment with 12.5 microg/kg of tamoxifen during the first eight days of age or a treatment with 100(More)
The Flinders sensitive (FSL) and resistant (FRL) lines of rats have been selectively bred for their differences in cholinergic sensitivity. The FSL rats display hypersensitive responses to agonists of muscarinic receptors. In addition, the FSL rats display behavioral alterations that support the notion that this strain could be useful as an animal model of(More)
OBJECTIVE In order to clarify the effect of the prenatal (PN) treatment of the drug 1,4,6-androstatriene-3,17-dione (ATD) which blocks the conversion of testosterone into estradiol on male sexual behavior of the rats offsprings, from the effect of the mild stress induced by the PN administration of the Propylene glycol (PG), the vehicle used to dissolve(More)
Sexual behavior during adulthood largely depends upon hormonal events that take place around birth. Administration of the antiestrogen Tamoxifen (Tx) to males immediately after birth induces a marked decrease of masculine sexual behavior during adulthood. On the other hand, it is well known that masculine sexual behavior can be stimulated by the(More)
INTRODUCTION The multiple partner choice arena (MPCA) is an experimental setup in which male rats display a significant shortening of ejaculation latency, which is the main characteristic of premature ejaculation (PE) in men. Thus, the MPCA is a potential animal model for PE. AIM In this study, we further analyze whether the features of the MPCA satisfy(More)
The aim of this work was to compare the effect of neonatal treatment with the phytoestrogens coumestrol (COU) and genistein (GEN), administered in equimolecular doses, on the sexual behavior and partner preference of male rats. Four groups of male rats were injected daily from day 1 to 5 with 150 µg of GEN, an equivalent amount of COU, 1 µg of β-estradiol(More)
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