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OBJECTIVE To assess the usefulness of the "Candida score" (CS) for discriminating between Candida species colonization and invasive candidiasis (IC) in non-neutropenic critically ill patients. A rate of IC <5% in patients with CS <3 was the primary end point. DESIGN Prospective, cohort, observational study. SETTING Thirty-six medical-surgical intensive(More)
The use of Recurrent Neural Networks is not as extensive as Feedforward Neural Networks. Training algorithms for Recurrent Neural Networks, based on the error gradient, are very unstable in their search for a minimum and require much computational time when the number of neurons is high. The problems surrounding the application of these methods have driven(More)
PURPOSE To assess the value of (1→3)-β-D: -glucan (BDG), Candida albicans germ tube antibody (CAGTA), C-reactive protein (CRP), and procalcitonin (PCT) levels for the diagnosis of invasive candidiasis (IC) and for differentiating Candida spp. colonization from infection in ICU patients with severe abdominal conditions (SAC). METHODS Prospective study of(More)
INTRODUCTION Although the diagnosis of brain death (BD) is usually based on clinical criteria, in sedated patients, ancillary techniques are needed. This study was designed to assess the accuracy of cerebral multislice computed tomographic angiography (CTA) and CT perfusion (CTP) in diagnosing BD. METHODS Prospective observational study in 27 BD patients.(More)
OBJECTIVE We compared two imipenem regimens for prevention of septic complications in patients with severe acute necrotizing pancreatitis (ANP). DESIGN AND SETTING Prospective, randomized open clinical trial involving intensive care units of 14 Spanish Hospitals. PARTICIPANTS 92 patients with ANP. INTERVENTIONS Imipenem/cilastatin was administered at(More)
Current breast cancer research involves the study of many different prognosis factors: primary tumor size, lymph node status, tumor grade, tumor receptor status, p53, and ki67 levels, among others. High-throughput microarray technologies are allowing to better understand and identify prognostic factors in breast cancer. But the massive amounts of data(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the differences in the deflation pressure-volume (PV) curves between acute respiratory distress syndrome from pulmonary (ARDSp) and extrapulmonary (ARDSe) origin. DESIGN . Prospective study. SETTING Twenty-bed intensive care unit in an university hospital. PATIENTS Ten patients within the first 24 h from meeting ARDS criteria,(More)
Biclustering has emerged as an important method for analyzing gene expression data from microarray technology. It allows to identify groups of genes which behave similarly under a subset of conditions. As a gene may play more than one biological role in conjunction with distinct groups of genes, non-exclusive biclustering algorithms are required. In this(More)
BACKGROUND Last years' mapping of diverse genomes has generated huge amounts of biological data which are currently dispersed through many databases. Integration of the information available in the various databases is required to unveil possible associations relating already known data. Biological data are often imprecise and noisy. Fuzzy set theory is(More)