Armando Bellini

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BACKGROUND Growing attention has been paid in recent decades to the effects on male reproduction of occupational exposures to toxic agents. There is strong evidence that high level exposure to lead, i. e. blood lead level (PbB) > 70 microg/dl, is associated with male infertility and some reports suggest an effect even at lower PbB (i. e. < 50 microg/dl).(More)
Several techniques were presented in the literature in order to perform accurate tracking of frequencies for different purposes. Most of them are modified versions of the traditional discrete Fourier transform (DFT) or other spectrum-estimation techniques. This paper presents a procedure based on the statistical analysis of the current signal in the time(More)
Microgrids represent one of the best candidates to redesign the architecture of the future distribution network. Such a model, in fact, is promising to be able to properly manage a larger penetration of distributed energy resources while improving the local production and utilization of energy. On the other hand, the control of a microgrid is quite(More)
An ac/dc power conversion system suitable for traction drives supplied by an ac feeder line is considered. In order to work out a simple procedure for the preliminary design of the conversion system, some simplifying hypotheses are made. These hypotheses allow a simple analysis of the overall steady-state behavior of the power conversion system. In this way(More)
A control methodology is presented for induction motor drives which makes it possible to reduce effectively the dependence of the stator flux and current both on the motor parametric variations and on the error on the motor angular speed measurement. To this aim, also the determination of the slip has been inserted in the closed-loop control system, and an(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effects of both autologous and homologous blood transfusion on the incidence of infective complications after elective operations for colorectal cancer. DESIGN Prospective open study. SETTING University hospital, Italy. INTERVENTIONS Recording of variables known to influence the development of infection. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES(More)
Nowadays speed-sensorless electromechanical drives are feasible for many applications. The elimination of the mechanical transducer increases reliability, reducing costs. As far as synchronous machine drives are concerned, this issue is critical since the rotor position is fundamental to derive the proper switching sequence. If an SRM is used as an actuator(More)
The measurement of the rotation speed is an important issue in closed-loop industrial drives. The motor speed is often calculated by a derivative operation of the position measure obtained by an electromagnetic resolver. As a consequence, especially at the lowest speeds, the noise overlapped to the measured speed is significant and a suitable filter becomes(More)
An approach is presented which simplifies the problem of applying optimal control techniques to frequency controlled induction motor drives. This approach consists of subdividing the optimization problem in two subproblems, the solution of which is less difficult than that of the global problem. The controller is obtained by using a discrete-time model for(More)
Diagnostic techniques of electrical faults for induction machines are usually based on spectral analysis of stator currents. Hence large time acquisition period are mandatory in order to achieve high frequency resolution. Moreover, a sharp knowledge of supply frequency and slip are required in order to monitor the spectrum lines specifically linked to(More)