Armand Lop

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The presence of strong, multiplicative random uctuations known as speckle makes the segmentation of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images very diicult. Speckle is, however, well modelled statistically, and several statistical criteria have been developed for edge detection and region growing in speckled images. In this paper we show that edge detection and(More)
The chromosome number and karyological features of Iberian populations of seven species of the Echinogammarus berilloni-group (Crustacea, Amphipoda) have been studied. For comparison, Gammarus gauthieri, belonging to the G. pulex-group was also studied. Four species of the berilloni-group share the same number n=27. Other numbers found were n=25, n=26 and(More)
|We here compare estimators of the mean radar reeectivity on images with diierent spectral properties. By working on complex data rather than detected images, we can take the speckle correlation into account and thus obtain more accurate estimates. A computationally eecient approximation of the optimal estimator is proposed. INTRODUCTION Estimation of the(More)
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