Armand D. Versaci

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This article presents the tissue expansion technique for the treatment of the tuberous breast and its variant, the tubular breast. The treatment objectives are different in the two deformities, but, in general, one has to expand the base circumference of the breast, expand the skin of the lower hemisphere of the breast, release the skin tightness at the(More)
The author reports his experience treating moderate macromastia using the inferior dermal pedicle technique in 23 patients. The skin flap design is bases on anatomical points along the inframammary line and on the areola. Nipple-areolo position is determined after skin closure about the breast mound, eliminating the guesswork in selecting the new site.(More)
It is possible to reconstruct a breast mound of almost any size by utilizing tissue expansion. In order to produce a pendulous breast which is also ptotic, the tissue-expansion technique has been combined with two other procedures. A new technique is being introduced. It is that of elevating the lower third of the mature breast capsule surrounding the(More)
We have presented the evolution of our current methods of breast reconstruction, which utilize the tissue expander in a variety of ways. We strongly support the concept that expansion should occur in the subcutaneous layer of the lower thoracic region. It is, after all, the region occupied by a mature breast that has descended normally with age, or one that(More)
Today there are many types of reconstruction available for the patient with a post-mastectomy deformity. Experience with all the types enables the surgeon to select the one that is appropriate to the particular reconstruction. The TRAM flap method is one which has proven to be an excellent method in selected cases. It is one that can result in the(More)
Can a breast-shaped skin envelope that is pendulous be formed through the use of a shaped expander? Once formed, can its shape be maintained following the exchange of the expander for a round implant? My colleagues and I set out to answer these questions by constructing a breast-shaped expander by altering a standard round expander. It was introduced(More)