Arman Vahedi

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Recently there has been significant attention given to imaging biological tissues using microwave radiation. In order to verify microwave imaging algorithms, realistic body models are needed to measure and simulate the penetration of microwave energy into the tissue and to reconstruct the image. We have created a phantom which has dielectric properties that(More)
A number of different flocculation mechanisms are involved in the formation of chemical coagulation flocs. Consequently, two flocs with the same size may have been formed by different mechanisms of aggregation and therefore have different arrangement of primary particles. As a result, two flocs with the same size may have different masses or mass(More)
The use of fractal dimensions to study the internal structure and settling of flocs formed in lime softening process was investigated. Fractal dimensions of flocs were measured directly on floc images and indirectly from their settling velocity. An optical microscope with a motorized stage was used to measure the fractal dimensions of lime softening flocs(More)
Here we introduce a distribution of floc fractal dimensions as opposed to a single fractal dimension value into the floc settling velocity model developed in earlier studies. The distribution of fractal dimensions for a single floc size was assumed to cover a range from 1.9 to 3.0. This range was selected based on the theoretically determined fractal(More)
Since the term was coined in the Brundtland report in 1987, the issue of sustainable development has been challenged in terms of quantification. Different policy options may lend themselves more or less to the underlying principles of sustainability, but no analytical tools are available for a more in-depth assessment of the degree of sustainability.(More)
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