Arman Serikuly Zharmagambetov

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The structuring of large volumes of e-documents assumes the organization of text on several levels, namely paragraphs, sentences, phrases, words. Methods of lexical paradigms extraction using statistical analysis were developed long ago. In this paper we attempt to move from lexical correlatives to the list of synonyms on various levels of generalization on(More)
The given paper describes modern approach to the task of sentiment analysis of movie reviews by using deep learning recurrent neural networks and decision trees. These methods are based on statistical models, which are in a nutshell of machine learning algorithms. The fertile area of research is the application of Google's algorithm Word2Vec presented by(More)
The unsupervised algorithm for the calculation of semantic similarity are essential in many areas of modern natural language processing. One of the most promising methods for the calculation of semantic similarity is neural network algorithm "word2vec. This method has been tested for most European languages, namely English, German, French and Russian. This(More)
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