Arman Harutyunyan

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Appropriate animal models of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are needed because human studies remain limited in their ability to probe the underlying neurobiology of PTSD. Although the single prolonged stress (SPS) model is an established rat model of PTSD, the development of a similarly-validated mouse model emphasizes the benefits and cross-species(More)
Since sports physiology was separated from general physiology, physiologists have been engaged in studying the athlete’s body, which is exposed to constant physical activity at the limit of human possibilities. Studies have proved that the mental component is as critical as the physiological component in sports. Therefore, important physiological processes(More)
The influence of experimental aluminum toxicosis on the levels of activity of adenosine deaminase and dipeptidyl peptidases II and IV in the brain and blood of rat has been studied. Two types of toxicosis were used: acute and chronic. The adenosine deaminase activity in the brain was decreased by 20–40% on 30th day of acute toxicosis, and in lower extent—at(More)
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