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Observation of the scissors mode and evidence for superfluidity of a trapped bose-einstein condensed Gas
We report the observation of the scissors mode of a Bose-Einstein condensed gas of 87Rb atoms in a magnetic trap, which gives direct evidence of superfluidity in this system. The scissors mode ofExpand
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Observation of harmonic generation and nonlinear coupling in the collective dynamics of a bose-einstein condensate
We report the observation of harmonic generation and strong nonlinear coupling of two collective modes of a condensed gas of rubidium atoms. Using a modified time averaged orbiting potential trap weExpand
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Pathologie und Therapie
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Improvement of cardiovascular risk factors after adrenalectomy in patients with adrenal tumors and subclinical Cushing ’ s syndrome : a systematic review and meta-analysis
Objective: Beneficial effects of adrenalectomy on cardiovascular risk factors in patients with subclinical Cushing’s syndrome (SCS) are uncertain. We sought to conduct a systematic review andExpand
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Prediction of a giant dielectric anomaly in ultrathin polydomain ferroelectric epitaxial films.
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Ueber den Thränenschlauch
  • Arlt
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  • Archiv für Ophthalmologie
  • 1 March 1855
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Ueber den Ringmuskel der Augenlider
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  • Archiv für Ophthalmologie
  • 1 February 1863
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Zur Anatomie des Auges
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  • Archiv für Ophthalmologie
  • 1 September 1857
W e n n ich es versuche, in den nachstehenden Zeilen und in den beigegebenen Abbildungen einen Beitrag zur Anatomie des Menschenauges zu liefern, so meine ich trotz der vielen Abhandlungen fiberExpand
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Di erential rotation de ay in the radiative envelopes of CP
  • starsRainer, Arlt, Rainer Hollerba
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