Arlindo Elias

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The study of fatigue is an important tool for diagnostics of disease, sports, ergonomics and robotics areas. This work deals with the analysis of sEMG most important fatigue muscle indicators with use of signal processing in isometric and isotonic tasks with the propose of standardizing fatigue protocol to select the data acquisition and processing with(More)
Investigations of the biomechanical parameters of robotic walker assisted gait are needed to allow modern rehabilitation strategies and to improve further technological developments. In this study, spatio-temporal gait parameters were assessed during normal and assisted ambulation with the Simbiosis walker model, a robotic walker with forearm supports. Six(More)
This paper presents a critical review of the state of the art of robotic walkers, emphasizing on the clinical applicability of the main features reported in such systems. A feature-based classification is proposed along with the presentation of the possible clinical scenarios, highlighting the potential of these devices for modern physical therapy practice.(More)
This paper presents a novel calibration procedure as a simple, yet powerful, method to place and align inertial sensors with body segments. The calibration can be easily replicated without the need of any additional tools. The proposed method is validated in three different applications: a computer mathematical simulation; a simplified joint composed of two(More)
The high densities and complex arrays of joint mechanoreceptors and muscle spindles of the cervical spine suggest that disturbances of such structures may change the proprioceptive information to the neuromuscular system and thus, may play a key role in neck presentation. Errors in head positioning may arise in response to such proprioceptive disturbances(More)
Fibromyalgia (FM) is a chronic musculoskeletal disturbance that poses major challenges for diagnostic procedures. It is marked by a constellation of symptoms, such as widespread pain, chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances, osteoarthritis, among others. This work is a pilot study that aims to validate a diagnostic tool by analyzing sEMG signals of specific(More)
Nowadays on medical and healthcare areas, training and learning methods for surgeons are based on skills development. In order to improve this learning process, virtual reality simulators have been proposed due its capacity to reproduce surgical procedures without any risk or harm on patient. These devices represent a wide research area that involves(More)
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