Arlette Panvier-Adoutte

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The car1 gene of the filamentous fungus Podospora anserina was cloned by complementation of a mutant defective for caryogamy (nuclear fusion), a process required for sexual sporulation. This gene encodes a protein that shows similarity to the mammalian PAF1 protein (Zellweger syndrome). Besides sequence similarity, the two proteins share a transmembrane(More)
The Podospora anserina cro1 gene was identified as a gene required for sexual sporulation. Crosses homozygous for the cro1-1 mutation yield fruiting bodies which produce few asci due to the formation of giant plurinucleate cells instead of dikaryotic cells after fertilization. This defect does not impair karyogamy, but meioses of the resultant polyploid(More)
Peroxins (PEX) are proteins required for peroxisome biogenesis. Mutations in PEX genes cause lethal diseases in humans, metabolic defects in yeasts, and developmental disfunctions in plants and filamentous fungi. Here we describe the first large-scale screening for suppressors of a pex mutation. In Podospora anserina, pex2 mutants exhibit a metabolic defect(More)
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