Arlette Ferrier

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The Raf-1 serine/threonine protein kinase plays a central role in many of the mitogenic signaling pathways regulating cell growth and differentiation. The regulation of Raf-1 is complex, and involves protein-protein interactions as well as changes in the phosphorylation state of Raf-1 that are accompanied by alterations in its electrophoretic mobility. We(More)
Experiments were carried out to determine Raf-1 protein kinase domain fragments which exhibit a characteristic electrophoretic mobility shift noted with Raf-1 protein kinase in response to serum and phorbol ester (PMA) treatment of serum-deprived NIH 3T3 cells. Epsilon-epitope tagged 84 kDa Raf-1 holoenzyme (HR-epsilon), as well as the epsilon-epsilon(More)
Within the pilot project SIRIUS (ADI, INRIA), we have studied the problems set by the cooperation of heterogeneous componentsin a DDBMS. Heterogeneity appears at many levels : computer, DBMS, data manipulation language, etc. The aims of a heterogeneous DDBMS are :-to allow the users to manipulate the distributed database like a unique database and with the(More)
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