Arlene Richardson

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The requirements for modern psychosurgery are safety and accuracy. Stereotactic techniques give the geometric accuracy and stimulation gives physiological information, which is important in determining lesion sites or at least lesion symmetry. The process whereby focal brain destruction is produced is ideally by a freezing probe, but equally effectively by(More)
A clinical comparison of two different types of dental veneers--baked porcelain veneer and heat-and-pressure processed urethane resin veneer--was made after 2 years. Although the esthetic appearance and gingival response were equal for both systems, the resin veneers had a greater tendency to chip and fracture. By the end of 2 years, 20% of the resin(More)
There is little recent information on the prevalence of heart failure in the United Kingdom. Assuming that patients with heart failure would be taking diuretic drugs all such patients were identified in three general practices in north west London. The practice records of these patients were examined to determine which patients had heart failure. Of the(More)
Reduction of the maxillary tuberosities is not always possible when indicated, and it is sometimes necessary to solve the problem by modifying the construction procedures for the complete denture. Because of inadequate space between the maxillary tuberosity and the retromolar pad, acrylic bases of adequate thickness could not be used. Instead, gold shims(More)
AIM The laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair has gained significant interest over the years as an alternative to the conventional open technique as a result of its faster recovery time, reduced postoperative pain and numbness. However the recurrence rates are in the order of 2.3% compared to the 1.3% quoted for the equivalent open approach. Much of these(More)