Arlene P. Rothwell

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We analyzed the alarm pheromone components from five colonies of Africanized honeybees and three colonies of European honeybees collected in Mexico. Analyses revealed a novel alarm pheromone component that was only present in appreciable quantities in the Africanized bee samples. Analysis of the mass spectrum and subsequent synthesis confirmed that this(More)
Betaines are an important class of naturally occurring compounds that function as compatible solutes or osmoprotectants. Because of the permanent positive charge on the quaternary ammonium moiety, mass spectrometric analysis has been approached by desorption methods, including fast atom bombardment and plasma desorption mass spectrometry. Here we show that(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Calcium metabolism is comprised primarily of absorption, urinary excretion, endogenous secretion and bone turnover. This review evaluates recent findings relating to the role of genetic and environmental factors, especially diet, on perturbing parameters of calcium metabolism. Calcium dynamics are studied with the use of isotopic tracers.(More)
Electrospray ionization (ESI) mass spectrometry was employed to obtain both molecular weight confirmation and structural information for a series of novel alkenyldiarylmethane (ADAM) analogs. The mass spectral data were intended for use during the structure elucidation of ester hydrolysis products formed during an in vitro metabolism study of a series of(More)
The alkenyldiarylmethanes are a class of non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors that are currently being developed as potential antivirals for the treatment of HIV infection and AIDS. As part of our continuing investigations on the alkenyldiarylmethanes, a series of thioester analogues were prepared in an effort to improve upon the metabolic(More)
Microcystin-LR (MC-LR) is a potent hepatotoxin that is often associated with blooms of cyanobacteria. Experiments were conducted to evaluate the efficiency of the chlorine/UV process for MC-LR decomposition and detoxification. Chlorinated MC-LR was observed to be more photoactive than MC-LR. LC/MS analyses confirmed that the arginine moiety represented an(More)
The intramolecular migration of a trimethylsilyl moiety alpha to a sulfone group of some modified cyclohexyl ring systems is investigated. The large difference in the relative abundance of this rearrangement ion for similar compounds is related to the stability of the protonated species.