Arlene Fleischhauer

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We report an experiment in which a light pulse is effectively decelerated and trapped in a vapor of Rb atoms, stored for a controlled period of time, and then released on demand. We accomplish this "storage of light" by dynamically reducing the group velocity of the light pulse to zero, so that the coherent excitation of the light is reversibly mapped into(More)
The dynamics of blood supply to a vascular bed depend on lumped mechanical properties of that bed, namely the compliance (C), resistance (R), viscoelasticity (K), and inertance (L). While the study of regulatory mechanisms has so far placed the emphasis largely on R, it is not known how the remaining properties contribute collectively to the play of(More)
We report frequency doubling of a low-power cw diode laser at 1064 nm in an external ring cavity by use of an angle-tuned KTP type II crystal. We demonstrate a new setup that requires no temperature stabilization of the crystal. An intracavity lambda/2 plate rotates the polarization of the fundamental after each cavity round trip by 90 degrees; this(More)
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