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This article reports the preliminary results of a small study into the changing expectations of newly migrated Filipino nurses at a London hospital. The aim was to identify initial expectations and experiences. Focus group interviews were conducted with two groups of nurses shortly after their arrival. Career prospects and salaries were key factors(More)
Little information is available about sexual activity, sexual assault, and contraceptive use among mentally retarded adolescents. The experience in these areas among 87 mentally retarded females is reviewed. (A companion paper focuses on these patients' parental attitudes toward sterilization.) All subjects attended a multiservice adolescent clinic with a(More)
BACKGROUND Pathways, a randomized trial, evaluated the effectiveness of a school-based multicomponent intervention to reduce fatness in American-Indian schoolchildren. The goal of the Pathways food service intervention component was to reduce the fat in school lunches to no more than 30% of energy from fat while maintaining recommended levels of calories(More)
The "Quit. For Life" campaign was a media-based programme that was aimed at reducing the prevalence of smoking in Sydney. The programme committee set four intermediate goals which it felt had to be met for such a change in prevalence to occur. From households selected at random in Sydney and Melbourne, 5713 people were interviewed to assess whether the(More)
Knowledge of the issues involving sterilization for mentally retarded adolescents is limited. Data were obtained from 69 interviewed parents whose mentally retarded daughters were attending the Cincinnati Adolescent Clinic. (A companion paper focuses on the experience of these girls with sexual activity, sexual abuse, and contraceptive use.) Forty-six(More)
Between May and September 1983, 1,661 smokers from a random sample of the populations of Sydney and Melbourne were interviewed in their homes. Of the first group, 219 were followed up 12 months later, representing a 75% response rate. Intention, measured by perceived likelihood to quit, was validated as a predictor of a later attempt to quit smoking in the(More)
The attempt is made to estimate the cost of family planning service provision and to demonstrate a means of showing the effectiveness of these services. The empirical results presented relate to the Grampian Health Board Area, located in North-East Scotland, for the financial year 1977-1978. The total population is about 450,000. Grampain is divided into(More)