Arko Provo Mukherjee

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We consider online mining of correlated heavy-hitters (CHH) from a data stream. Given a stream of two-dimensional data, a correlated aggregate query first extracts a substream by applying a predicate along a primary dimension, and then computes an aggregate along a secondary dimension. Prior work on identifying heavy-hitters in streams has almost(More)
Arterial thrombosis and renal vein thrombosis occurred in two men and one woman, respectively, treated with steroids for the nephrotic syndrome. Raised serum cholesterol occurred in one patient only. Though bleeding, clotting, and prothrombin times, as well as the platelet counts, were normal, the rate of thromboplastin generation was increased in all three(More)
We consider mining dense substructures (maximal cliques) from an uncertain graph, which is a probability distribution on a set of deterministic graphs. For parameter 0 <; α <; 1, we consider the notion of an α-maximal clique in an uncertain graph. We present matching upper and lower bounds on the number of α-maximal cliques(More)
We consider the enumeration of maximal bipartite cliques (bicliques) from a large graph, a task central to many practical data mining problems in social network analysis and bioinformatics. We present novel parallel algorithms for the MapReduce platform, and an experimental evaluation using Hadoop MapReduce. Our algorithm is based on clustering the input(More)
We consider the enumeration of dense substructures (maximal cliques) from an uncertain graph. For parameter <inline-formula><tex-math notation="LaTeX">$0 &lt; \alpha &lt; 1$</tex-math><alternatives> <inline-graphic xlink:href="mukherjee-ieq1-2527643.gif"/></alternatives></inline-formula>, we define the notion of an <inline-formula><tex-math(More)
We consider Maximal Clique Enumeration (MCE) from a large graph. A maximal clique is perhaps the most fundamental dense substructure in a graph, and MCE is an important tool to discover densely connected subgraphs, with numerous applications to data mining on web graphs, social networks, and biological networks. While effective sequential methods for MCE(More)