Arkady Vilenkin

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Cusps of superconducting strings can serve as GRB engines. A powerful beamed pulse of electromagnetic radiation from a cusp produces a jet of accelerated particles, whose propagation is terminated by the shock responsible for GRB. A single free parameter, the string scale of symmetry breaking η ∼ 10 14 GeV , together with reasonable assumptions about the(More)
The position of an invasion front, propagating into an unstable state, fluctuates because of the shot noise coming from the discreteness of reacting particles and stochastic character of the reactions and diffusion. A recent macroscopic theory [Meerson and Sasorov, Phys. Rev. E 84, 030101(R) (2011)] yields the probability of observing, during a long time,(More)
We develop a numerical method for solving a free boundary problem which describes shape relaxation, by surface tension, of a long and thin bubble of an inviscid fluid trapped inside a viscous fluid in a Hele-Shaw cell. The method of solution of the exterior Dirichlet problem employs a classical boundary integral formulation. Our version of the numerical(More)
  • A Vilenkin
  • 1993
We comment on two issues in quantum cosmology, in the context of the Wheeler–De Witt equation and wave function of the Universe: (i) arrow of time and interpretation of the wave function in the classically allowed regions; (ii) stability of an approximation of the Born–Oppenheimer type in classically forbidden regions of the scale factor.
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