Arkady Borisov

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This paper describes an ongoing effort in developing a Multi-agent System (MAS) for supply chain management. In our framework, functional agents can join in, stay, or leave the system. The Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) functionality is implemented through agent-based negotiation. When an order arrives, a virtual supply chain may emerge from the(More)
This paper presents some essential findings and results on using ranking-based kernels for the analysis and utilization of high dimensional and noisy biomedical data in applied clinical diagnostics. We claim that presented kernels combined with a state-of-the-art classification technique - a Support Vector Machine (SVM) - could significantly improve the(More)
This article discusses about ways of organizing and using the system for typical user behavior model construction within a distributed information system using Python servers. Much attention is paid to analysis of the issue of effective organization of the research process using the Python language in all its phases. Possibilities of using Python servers(More)