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This paper presents some essential findings and results on using ranking-based kernels for the analysis and utilization of high dimensional and noisy biomedical data in applied clinical diagnostics. We claim that presented kernels combined with a state-of-the-art classification technique - a Support Vector Machine (SVM) - could significantly improve the(More)
A joint analysis of continuous (time series demand observations) and discrete (well-describing parameters) data is studied. Such data mining techniques as data collection, preprocessing, clustering analysis, and classification are considered. Upon continuous data preprocessing and clustering, images of possible sales development are constructed. A new(More)
This paper describes an ongoing effort in developing a Multi-agent System (MAS) for supply chain management. In our framework, functional agents can join in, stay, or leave the system. The Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) functionality is implemented through agent-based negotiation. When an order arrives, a virtual supply chain may emerge from the(More)
The implementation of modern neural network technology in the financial indexes modelling and forecasting task is given in this paper. The predicted value is Dow Jones Riga Stock Exchange index, which characterises Latvian stock market. Using Dow Jones RSE index time series a number of neural network learning experiments are completed, the best network is(More)
This paper investigates the behavior of the inductive algorithm CART2 applied to constructing a classifier using a modern DBMS and solving problems related to classifier incremental updating. As testing objects we used four databases taken from different knowledge domains. The results of the experiments demonstrate good performance for the incrementally(More)
In this paper we propose to use entropy as a measure of risk. We describe the framework of our approach towards risk assessment, which can be said to be information theoretical in some sense. We present different criteria as different systems and different values of criteria as different states of these systems. Probabilities of a system being in particular(More)