Arkady B. Khodursky

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BACKGROUND Although genes on the chromosome are organized in a fixed order, the spatial correlations in transcription have not been systematically evaluated. We used a combination of genomic and signal processing techniques to investigate the properties of transcription in the genome of Escherichia coli K12 as a function of the position of genes on the(More)
MOTIVATION False discovery rate (FDR) is defined as the expected percentage of false positives among all the claimed positives. In practice, with the true FDR unknown, an estimated FDR can serve as a criterion to evaluate the performance of various statistical methods under the condition that the estimated FDR approximates the true FDR well, or at least, it(More)
Genetic and environmental perturbations often result in complex transcriptional responses involving multiple genes and regulons. In order to understand the nature of a response, one has to account for the contribution of the downstream effects to the formation of a response. Such analysis can be carried out within a statistical framework in which the(More)
BACKGROUND The chromosome of Escherichia coli is maintained in a negatively supercoiled state, and supercoiling levels are affected by growth phase and a variety of environmental stimuli. In turn, supercoiling influences local DNA structure and can affect gene expression. We used microarrays representing nearly the entire genome of Escherichia coli MG1655(More)
Genome-wide surveys of transcription depend on gene classifications for the purpose of data interpretation. We propose a new information-theoretical-based method to: assess significance of co-expression within any gene group; quantitatively describe condition-specific gene-class activity; and systematically evaluate conditions in terms of gene-class(More)
BACKGROUND In prokaryotic genomes, genes are organized in operons, and the genes within an operon tend to have similar levels of expression. Because of co-transcription of genes within an operon, borrowing information from other genes within the same operon can improve the estimation of relative transcript levels; the estimation of relative levels of(More)
BACKGROUND Trimethoprim is a widely prescribed antibiotic for a variety of bacterial infections. It belongs to a class of anti-metabolites - antifolates - which includes drugs used against malarial parasites and in cancer therapy. However, spread of bacterial resistance to the drug has severely hampered its clinical use and has necessitated further(More)
BACKGROUND Bacterial genome sequences are being determined rapidly, but few species are physiologically well characterized. Predicting regulation from genome sequences usually involves extrapolation from better-studied bacteria, using the hypothesis that a conserved regulator, conserved target gene, and predicted regulator-binding site in the target(More)
In determining differential expression in cDNA microarray experiments, the expression level of an individual gene is usually assumed to be independent of the expression levels of other genes, but many recent studies have shown that a gene's expression level tends to be similar to that of its neighbors on a chromosome, and differentially expressed (DE) genes(More)
The genome-wide DNA-protein-binding data, DNA sequence data and gene expression data represent complementary means to deciphering global and local transcriptional regulatory circuits. Combining these different types of data can not only improve the statistical power, but also provide a more comprehensive picture of gene regulation. In this paper, we propose(More)