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Neurons in the lateral belt areas of rhesus monkey auditory cortex prefer complex sounds to pure tones, but functional specializations of these multiple maps in the superior temporal region have not been determined. We tested the specificity of neurons in the lateral belt with species-specific communication calls presented at different azimuth positions. We(More)
We are able to move visual attention away from the direction of gaze, fixating on one object while attending to something else at a different location, within the region of peripheral vision. It has been widely assumed that the attentional neural systems are separate from the motor systems, but some studies challenge this idea. It has now been suggested(More)
1. Models of the saccadic system propose that there is an integration of the pulse signal, and there is good evidence that the integrator is reset gradually (Nichols and Sparks 1994, 1995). Other studies of the superior collicular contribution to the saccadic system have proposed a sensory, not motor, nature for its signal. 2. To test experimentally the(More)
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