Arkadiusz Danilecki

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This paper describes a checkpointing mechanism destined for Distributed Shared Memory (DSM) systems with speculative prefetch-ing. Speculation is a general technique involving prediction of the future of a computation, namely accesses to shared objects unavailable on the accessing node (read faults). Thanks to such predictions objects can be fetched before(More)
Ensuring replicable execution of distributed computation has many possible applications in areas of fault-tolerance, debugging, and state-machine based replication. We design a message-passing algorithm which forces a deterministic behavior for a subset of piecewise-deterministic applications. The main principle of the algorithm is to affix each message(More)
Marching Band ensures the same total ordering of message deliveries in each possible execution history, providing replicable execution for a subset of piecewise deterministic applications. With Marching Band any number of failures can be tolerated with a sender-based logging. The main idea behind the algorithm is to log and then broadcast each sent message,(More)
Nowadays, one of the major paradigms of distributed processing is service-oriented computing. Although SOA-based applications have many advantages, they are also highly error-prone. To improve the availability and reliability of SOA-based systems and applications, a Reliable Service Environment RESERVE, providing an external support of web services recovery(More)
Well defined business processes are a crucial success factor for deploying SOA/SOKU architectures. In this paper, the declarative business process description language—ROsWeL—which supports applications compatible with ROA, is discussed. ROsWeL provides a declarative, reliable and semi-automatic composition of RESTful web services, enriched by the knowledge(More)
D-ReServE increases reliability of SOA-based systems in case of failure occurrence. The fault-tolerant information in D-ReServE is stored in the Stable Storage, which available space depletes with time. Thus, in this paper we propose a garbage collection protocol for D-ReServE that allows the periodic purging of the Stable Storage, and discuss the(More)