Arkadi Yartsev

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Solar cells based on conjugated polymer and fullerene blends have been developed as a low-cost alternative to silicon. For efficient solar cells, electron-hole pairs must separate into free mobile charges that can be extracted in high yield. We still lack good understanding of how, why and when carriers separate against the Coulomb attraction. Here we(More)
Multiple exciton generation (MEG) is a process in which more than one exciton is generated upon the absorption of a high energy photon, typically higher than two times the band gap, in semiconductor nanocrystals. It can be observed experimentally using time resolved spectroscopy such as the transient absorption measurements. Quantification of the MEG yield(More)
Charge transport and recombination in nanostructured semiconductors are poorly understood key processes in dye-sensitized solar cells. We have employed time-resolved spectroscopies in the terahertz and visible spectral regions supplemented with Monte Carlo simulations to obtain unique information on these processes. Our results show that charge transport in(More)
We used time-resolved spectroscopies in terahertz and visible ranges complemented with Monte-Carlo simulations to assess the connection between ultrafast charge injection and formation and transport of mobile charge carriers in dye-sensitized nano-structured semiconductors.
Organic-shell-free PbS nanoparticles have been produced in the size range relevant for quantum-dot solar cells (QDSCs) by a vapor aggregation method involving magnetron reactive sputtering. This method creates a beam of free 5-10 nm particles in a vacuum. The dimensions of the particles were estimated after their deposition on a substrate by imaging them(More)
We explore how the width of the three-pulse photon echo signal at long population times can be used to determine the strength of the system-bath interaction. Using simulation with finite pulses we show that a simple relation exist between the width of the echo signal, the coupling strength, and the pulse autocorrelation. The derived model is applied to(More)
Exciton diffusion in ladder-type methyl-substituted polyparaphenylene film and solution was investigated by means of femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy using a combined approach, analyzing exciton-exciton annihilation, and transient absorption depolarization properties. We show that the different views on the exciton dynamics offered by anisotropy decay(More)
Radiative recombination in degenerately n-doped InP nanowires is studied for excitation above and below the Fermi energy of the electron gas, using photoluminescence. Laser-induced electron heating is observed, which allows absorption below the Fermi energy. We observe photon upconversion where photo-excited holes recombine with high |k| electrons. This can(More)
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