Arkadas Ozakin

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Kernel density estimation is the most widely-used practical method for accurate nonparametric density estimation. However, long-standing worst-case theoretical results showing that its performance worsens exponentially with the dimension of the data have quashed its application to modern high-dimensional datasets for decades. In practice, it has been(More)
We introduce a notion of universality classes for the Gregory-Laflamme instability and determine, in the supergravity approximation, the stability of a variety of solutions, including the non-extremal D3-brane, M2-brane, and M5-brane. These three non-dilatonic branes cross over from instability to stability at a certain non-extremal mass. Numerical analysis(More)
A critical open problem in \emph{ab initio} protein folding is protein energy function design, which pertains to defining the energy of protein conformations in a way that makes folding most efficient and reliable. In this paper, we address this issue as a weight optimization problem and utilize a machine learning approach, learning-to-rank, to solve this(More)
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