Arjuna Ananda

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Noninvasive monitoring of cardiac output can greatly facilitate the clinical assessment and management of neonates with cardiovascular compromise. To assess normal values of cardiac output in neonates, mean blood flow velocity was measured in the ascending aorta from a suprasternal approach using a range-gated, pulsed Doppler velocity meter, and aortic root(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the modified endoscopic Lothrop procedure in the management of complicated frontal sinus disease which has breached the confines of the sinus walls and extended into the cranial cavity or orbit. Fourteen patients with radiological evidence of 17 complications of frontal sinus disease presented over a 23-month(More)
Neurologic deterioration observed following head injury is recognized as having a deleterious effect on outcome. The present study examines this occurrence in detail to determine the frequency of these episodes, their antecedent events and causal relationships in order to identify patients who are at risk. Data was collected prospectively from a consecutive(More)
BACKGROUND The surgical management of recalcitrant frontal sinus disease has been a dilemma for otolaryngologists for many years. Although the osteoplastic flap with obliteration has been the gold standard of treatment for years, the modified endoscopic Lothrop (MEL) procedure recently has been advocated as an alternative. However, little is known about the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of the modified endoscopic Lothrop (MEL) procedure for the management of failed osteoplastic flap (OPF) with obliteration of the frontal sinuses. SETTING Adelaide University Academic Hospital Complex. STUDY TYPE Prospective case study of 16 patients presenting with symptoms after OPF with obliteration of the(More)
All patients who undergo a modified endoscopic Lothrop procedure have postoperative narrowing of the enlarged frontal ostium. The aim of this study is to evaluate neo-osteogenesis and restenosis of the frontal ostium and its effect on mucociliary clearance. Fourteen sheep underwent an endoscopic modified Lothrop procedure. Pre- and postoperative nuclear(More)
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