Arjun Rajasekar

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A fundamental issue in the clinical and neuropathological assessment of Alzheimer's disease patients is quantification of dementia severity progression. Several methods have been advanced for the purpose of staging dementia with various sensitivities at different phases of the disease, but no mathematical function has been developed to link these measures(More)
Chylous ascites is the accumulation of lymphatic fluid within the peritoneal cavity, due to trauma or obstruction to the lymphatic system. Postoperative chylous ascites is a rare complication of abdominal surgery. This is frequently reported after retroperitoneal dissections, and results in high morbidity and mortality. The treatment options are varied and(More)
To analyse the response rate and the predictive values of virological, biochemical and histological factors on HCV antiviral therapy in HCV genotype 3 infected patients, we retrospectively studied 21 HCV genotype 3 infected patients, who underwent HCV antiviral therapy. Low (57%) sustained viral response (SVR) rate and significant association of SVR with(More)
We develop models and fusion rules for oximeters that detect the onset of hypoxia. Hypoxia is a medical condition affecting portions of the body that are deprived of oxygen supply. Prolonged exposure to cerebral oxygen deficiency can lead to unconsciousness or even death. The onset of hypoxia in humans is of concern for those operating in high altitudes,(More)
Humans who operate in high altitudes for prolonged durations often suffer from hypoxia. The commencement of physiological and cognitive changes due to the onset of hypoxia may not be immediately apparent to the exposed individual. These changes can go unrecognized for minutes and even hours and may lead to serious performance degradation or complete(More)
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