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Primary graft failure (PGF) is a devastating complication that occurs in the immediate postoperative period following heart transplantation. It manifests as severe ventricular dysfunction of the donor graft and carries significant mortality and morbidity. In the last decade, advances in pharmacological treatment and mechanical circulatory support have(More)
BACKGROUND Orthotopic heart transplantation is the gold-standard long-term treatment for medically refractive end-stage heart failure. However, suitable cardiac donors are scarce. Although donation after circulatory death has been used for kidney, liver, and lung transplantation, it is not used for heart transplantation. We report a case series of heart(More)
Numerous studies have documented that experts exhibit more efficient gaze patterns than those of less experienced individuals. In visual search tasks, experts use fewer, longer fixations to fixate for relatively longer on salient regions of the visual field while less experienced observers spend more time examining nonsalient regions. This study(More)
In this paper, we present a powerful end-to-end data mining system that collects application related data and provides insightful relevant fields analysis in addition to search and filtering. We present details on field extraction, indexing, relevant field processing and dynamic baseline derivation. We also propose to demonstrate the effectiveness of(More)
Large UAVs depend on GPS technology to accurately describe their position, and navigate to their objectives successfully. However, Micro Air Vehicles (MAVS) cannot rely on GPS technology when navigating indoors. Much research has been conducted to develop robust control systems for MAV formations. Most of this research requires off-board sensing to provide(More)
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