Arjun G. Roy

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Multimodal interfaces have attracted more and more attention. Most researches focus on each communication mode independently and then fuse the information at the application level. Recently, several frameworks and models have been proposed to support the design and development of multimodal interfaces. However, it is still a challenging issue of supporting(More)
Growth of Internet has led to exponential rise in data communication over the World Wide Web. Several applications and entities such as online banking transactions, stock trading, e-commerce Web sites, etc. are at a constant risk of eavesdropping and hacking. Hence, security of data is of prime concern. Recently, vertical data have gained lot of focus(More)
Since the advent of digital image technology and remote sensing imagery (RSI), massive amount of image data has been collected worldwide. For example, since 1972, NASA and U.S. Geological Survey through the Landsat Data Continuity Mission, has been capturing images of Earth down to 15 meter resolution. Since image clustering is time-consuming, much of this(More)
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