Arjun Bhardwaj

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SARA (Socially-Aware Robot Assistant) is an embodied intelligent personal assistant that analyses the user’s visual (head and face movement), vocal (acoustic features) and verbal (conversational strategies) behaviours to estimate its rapport level with the user, and uses its own appropriate visual, vocal and verbal behaviors to achieve task and social(More)
Developments in semantic web technologies have promoted ontological encoding of knowledge from diverse domains. However, modelling many practical domains requires more expressive representations schemes than what the standard description logics(DLs) support. We extend the DL SROIQ with constraint networks and grounded circumscription. Applications of(More)
We present here the proof for an alternative procedure to convert a Push Down Automata (PDA) into a Context Free Grammar (CFG). The procedure involves intermediate conversion to a single state PDA. In view of the authors, this conversion is conceptually simpler than the approach presented in [1] and can serve as a teaching aid for the relevant topics. For(More)
In this report, we provide a comparative analysis of different techniques for user intent classification towards the task of app recommendation. We analyse the performance of different models and architectures for multi-label classification over a dataset with a relative large number of classes and only a handful examples of each class. We focus, in(More)
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