Arjun Baokar

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We instrumented the Android platform to collect data regarding how often and under what circumstances smartphone applications access protected resources regulated by permissions. We performed a 36-person field study to explore the notion of “contextual integrity,” i.e., how often applications access protected resources when users are not expecting it. Based(More)
Current smartphone operating systems regulate application permissions by prompting users on an ask-on-first-use basis. Prior research has shown that this method is ineffective because it fails to account for context: the circumstances under which an application first requests access to data may be vastly different than the circumstances under which it(More)
Smartphones contain a large amount of highly personal data, much of it accessible to third-party applications. Much of this information is safeguarded by a permission model, which regulates access to this information. This work primarily focuses on improving the Android permission model, which is known to have notoriously large amounts of sensitive data(More)
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