Arjun Bagchi

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Non-relativistic versions of the AdS/CFT conjecture have recently been investigated in some detail. These have primarily been in the context of the Schrodinger symmetry group. Here we initiate a study based on a different nonrelativistic conformal symmetry: one obtained by a parametric contraction of the relativistic conformal group. The resulting Galilean(More)
We provide a first derivation of the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of 3D flat cosmological horizons in terms of the counting of states in a dual field theory. These horizons appear in the flat limit of nonextremal rotating Banados-Teitleboim-Zanelli black holes and are remnants of the inner horizons. They also satisfy the first law of thermodynamics. We study(More)
We present the first example of a nontrivial higher spin theory in three-dimensional flat space. We propose flat-space boundary conditions and prove their consistency for this theory. We find that the asymptotic symmetry algebra is a (centrally extended) higher spin generalization of the Bondi-Metzner-Sachs algebra, which we describe in detail. We also(More)
Galilean Conformal Algebras (GCA) have been recently proposed as a different non-relativistic limit of the AdS/CFT conjecture. In this note, we look at the representations of the GCA. We also construct explicitly the two and three point correlators in this non-relativistic limit of CFT and comment on the differences with the relativistic case and also the(More)
We study the effect of tachyon condensation on a brane antibrane pair in superstring theory separated in the transverse direction. The static properties of the tachyon potential analyzed using level truncated string field theory reproduces the desired property that the dependence of the minimum value of the potential on the initial distance of separation(More)
We provide the first evidence for a holographic correspondence between a gravitational theory in flat space and a specific unitary field theory in one dimension lower. The gravitational theory is a flat-space limit of topologically massive gravity in three dimensions at a Chern-Simons level of k=1. The field theory is a chiral two-dimensional conformal(More)
We investigate the symmetry structure of the non-relativistic limit of YangMills theories. Generalising previous results in the Galilean limit of electrodynamics, we discover that for Yang-Mills theories there are a variety of limits inside the Galilean regime. We first explicitly work with the SU(2) theory and then generalise to SU(N) for all N ,(More)
We present the analytical calculation of entanglement entropy for a class of two-dimensional field theories governed by the symmetries of the Galilean conformal algebra, thus providing a rare example of such an exact computation. These field theories are the putative holographic duals to theories of gravity in three-dimensional asymptotically flat(More)