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In the last decade managing railway infrastructure in Europe has changed compared to the century preceding it. Due to the restructuring of railways, which has resulted in separate Infrastructure Management and increasing performance demands from governments and Transport Operating Companies, infrastructure performance has become an important issue.(More)
Infrastructure managers increasingly have to deliver to defined performance levels, related to system reliability, availability and life cycle costs, as a result of increasing pressures from governments and operators. This paper will investigate the consequences of this development for the newly established European Railway’s infrastructure managers (IMs).(More)
To my grandchildren Thomas Maud Fieke and Douwe Publication of this book has been made possible thanks to the sponsoring of the following companies: Modern Railway Track PREFACE ix Acknowledgement With the preparation of this Second Edition many experts have assisted to provide and check existing material and to write additional sections. In the first place(More)
Rail Infrastructure Managers (RIMs) have a growing challenge fulfilling their responsibility to maintain rail infrastructure, because of increasing pressure from governments and train operating companies. The goal of this paper is to describe the role of RIMs and to develop a quantitative model to provide transparency about costs and performance. We carried(More)
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