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Aperiodic stochastic resonance and phase synchronization have been considered as different phenomena in nonlinear physics which were discovered at about the same time. The former means enhancement of aperiodic signals by noise, while the latter characterizes a phase coherence in weakly coupled nonlinear oscillators. Here we show that aperiodic stochastic(More)
To suppress undesirable noise (jamming) associated with signals is important for many applications. Here we explore the idea of jamming suppression with realistic, aperiodic signals by stochastic resonance. In particular, we consider weak amplitude-modulated (AM), frequency-modulated (FM), and chaotic signals with strong, broad-band or narrow-band jamming,(More)
The public reportmg burden for th1s collection of mformation is estimated to average 1 hour per response. includmg the time for rev>ewing instruct>ons. searclhing existing data sources. gathering and mmnta1mng the data needed. and completing and rev1ew1ng the collection of 1nforma t1 on. Send comments regarding th1s burden est1mate or any other aspect o(More)
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