Arjan van der Vaart

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An accurate and efficient implementation of the six DNA base pair parameters as order parameters for enhanced sampling simulations is presented. The parameter definitions are defined by vector algebra operations on a reduced atomic set of the base pair, and correlate very well with standard definitions. Application of the model is illustrated by umbrella(More)
A novel approach for the selection of step parameters as reaction coordinates in enhanced sampling simulations of DNA is presented. The method uses three atoms per base and does not require coordinate overlays or idealized base pairs. This allowed for a highly efficient implementation of the calculation of all step parameters and their Cartesian derivatives(More)
An umbrella sampling method for the calculation of free energies for helical transitions is presented. The method biases structures toward helices of a desired radius and pitch. Although computationally complex, the method has negligible overhead in actual applications. To illustrate the method, calculations of the helical free energy landscape of several(More)
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