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A large onychodontiform (Osteichthyes: Sarcopterygii) apex predator from the Eifelian-aged Dundee Formation of Ontario, Canada
The Devonian marine strata of southwestern Ontario, Canada, have been well documented geologically, but their vertebrate fossils are poorly studied. Here we report a new onychodontiformExpand
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Varanopid from the Carboniferous of Nova Scotia reveals evidence of parental care in amniotes
Here we report on a fossil synapsid, Dendromaia unamakiensis gen. et sp. nov., from the Carboniferous period of Nova Scotia that displays evidence of parental care—approximately 40 million yearsExpand
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Reassessment of historic ‘microsaurs’ from Joggins, Nova Scotia, reveals hidden diversity in the earliest amniote ecosystem
‘Microsaurs’ are traditionally considered to be lepospondyl non-amniotes, but recent analyses have recovered a subset of ‘microsaurs’, the fossorially adapted Recumbirostra, within Amniota. ThisExpand
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Antiquity of “Sail-Backed” Neural Spine Hyper-Elongation in Mammal Forerunners
Neural spine hyper-elongation in tetrapods is a unique morphological adaptation that creates a dorsal sail. While this extreme morphology has appeared several times in the evolutionary history ofExpand
Erratum: Infernovenator steenae, a new serpentine recumbirostran from the 'Mazon Creek' Lagertätte further clarifies lysorophian origins (Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society DOI:
The originally published version of this article contained a spelling error in the title: Lagerst tte was misspelt as Lagert tte. This has now been corrected.
Erratum: Carbonodraco lundi gen et sp. Nov., the oldest parareptile, from Linton, Ohio, and new insights into the early radiation of reptiles (Royal Society Open Science (2019) 6 (191191) DOI:
Our originally published manuscript ‘Carbonodraco lundi gen et sp. nov., the oldest parareptile, from Linton, Ohio, and new insights into the early radiation of reptiles’ did not include the requiredExpand
Lissamphibian-Like Toepads in an Exceptionally Preserved Amphibamiform from Mazon Creek
The Pennsylvanian-aged (309–307 Ma) Lagerstätte in the Francis Creek Shale at Mazon Creek, Illinois, has produced some of the most exceptional metazoan fossils, including numerous invertebrateExpand