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Scaling up microbial fuel cells (MFCs) is inevitable when power outputs have to be obtained that can power electrical devices other than small sensors. This research has used a bipolar plate MFC stack of four cells with a total working volume of 20 L and a total membrane surface area of 2 m(2). The cathode limited MFC performance due to oxygen reduction(More)
We applied photoacoustics as a tissue tomography technique for the detection of blood concentrations, e.g., angiogenesis around tumors. We imaged blood vessels in highly scattering samples, using 532-nm light, to depths of ~1 cm . The samples were real tissue (chicken breast) or 10% dilutions of Intralipid-10%. The blood flowed through nylon capillaries.(More)
Measuring the diffusion properties of crossing fibers is very challenging due to the high number of model parameters involved and the intrinsically low SNR of Diffusion Weighted MR Images. Noise filtering aims at suppressing the noise while pertaining the data distribution. We propose an adaptive version of the Linear Minimum Mean Square Error (LMMSE)(More)
To maximize the production of carboxylic acids with open cultures of microbial consortia (reactor microbiomes), we performed experiments to understand which factors affect the community dynamics and performance parameters. We operated six thermophilic (55 °C) bioreactors to test how the factors: (i) biomass pretreatment; (ii) bioreactor operating(More)
There is an ongoing debate on how to model diffusivity in fiber crossings. We propose an optimization framework for the selection of a dual tensor model and the set of diffusion weighting parameters b, such that both the diffusion shape and orientation parameters can be precisely as well as accurately estimated. For that, we have adopted the Cramér-Rao(More)
The generation and detection of broadband photoacoustic (PA) transients may be used for on-axis monitoring or for imaging of optically different structures in the interior of diffuse bodies such as biological tissue. Various piezoelectric sensors are characterized and compared in terms of sensitivity, depth response, and directivity with respect to(More)
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