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Communication at mmWave frequencies has been the focus in the recent years. In this paper, we discuss standardization efforts in 60 GHz short range communication and the progress therein. We compare the available standards in terms of network architecture, medium access control mechanisms, physical layer techniques and several other features. Comparative(More)
One hundred and thirty-four bovine embryos were collected from 17 superovulated Hereford cows and processed for metaphase chromosome spreads. Mitotic figures were obtained from 54 embryos (40%), but only 34 embryos (25%) provided analyzable chromosomes spreads. Thirty embryos were 2n = 60, one was a possible 2n/4n mosaic and three were hypodiploid. The(More)
The uniqueness of the hypercharge assignments in the three fermion families leptoquark-bilepton SU(3) C ×SU(4) L ×U(1) N model is established. Although the gauge group contains an explicit U(1) factor, freedom from triangle anomalies combined with the requirement of nonvanishing charged fermion masses uniquely fix the electric charges of all fermions(More)
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