Arjan D. van Dijk

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An eight-electrode conductance catheter previously developed by us and used to determine stroke volume in dogs was applied in human beings and dogs to measure absolute left ventricular volume quantitatively. For calibration we developed the formula V(t) = (1/alpha)(L2/sigma b)G(t) - Vc, where V(t) is time-varying left ventricular volume, alpha is a(More)
To improve assessment of ventricular function during cardiac catheterisation there should be available a continuous registration of stroke volume and cardiac output in addition to ventricular pressure. To obtain the desired volumetric quantities a catheter has been developed which measures changes in intraventricular dimensions by electrical impedance. For(More)
Seven patients undergoing elective coronary artery bypass surgery were studied to assess left ventricular (LV) performance by pressure-volume loops. LV pressure was measured by micromanometry and instantaneous LV volume by a conductance catheter. Continuous pressure-volume relationships were determined during preload reduction before and after(More)
PURPOSE Once-daily dosing of aminoglycosides has been suggested to improve their efficacy and reduce their toxicity. To test the clinical validity of this suggestion, we conducted a prospective, randomized trial comparing a conventional multiple-daily-dosing regimen of netilmicin with once-daily administration of the same total daily dose of this(More)
We evaluated the use of strain gauge plethysmography (SGP) for the assessment of orthostatic fluid shifts during head up tilt (HUT). Subjects wore a parachute harness fixed to the tilt table to avoid muscle tension in the lower limbs during HUT. 22 Healthy subjects (9 women) were tilted for 5 minutes. Calf volume changes as measured by SGP, surface EMG,(More)
Patients receiving antibiotics during bladder drainage have a lower incidence of urinary-tract infections compared with similar patients not on antibiotics. However, antibiotic prophylaxis in patients with a urinary catheter is opposed because of the fear of inducing resistant bacterial strains. We have done a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of(More)
The ability of the conductance catheter method to measure left ventricular segmental and total volume was evaluated by comparison with the Cine-CT technique. In the seven dogs studied, 19 conductance catheter and simultaneous Cine-CT runs were obtained. High correlation coefficients were found for total volume and segmental volumes, except in the basal(More)
Eleven patients with coronary artery disease and chronic heart failure were studied before and three months after the angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor enalapril was added to their frusemide medication. The following were measured: left ventricular pressure and volume with transient occlusion of the inferior vena cava, radionuclide angiography, and(More)
The assessment model for ultraviolet radiation and risk "AMOUR" is applied to output from two chemistry-climate models (CCMs). Results from the UK Chemistry and Aerosols CCM are used to quantify the worldwide skin cancer risk avoided by the Montreal Protocol and its amendments: by the year 2030, two million cases of skin cancer have been prevented yearly,(More)
In autonomic failure (AF), blood pressure (BP) falls upon standing which is commonly ascribed to defective vasoconstriction and excessive pooling. Observations on the amount of pooling in AF are contradictory. We evaluated pooling using strain-gauge plethysmography (SGP) during head-up tilt (HUT) with a parachute harness fixed to the tilt table to avoid(More)