Arivazhagan Palaniyappan

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Chronic consumption of a high-fat (HF) diet by female rats in their postweaning period resulted in significant increases in body weight and plasma levels of insulin, glucose, and triglycerides during(More)
We assessed whether aging augments left ventricular (LV) damage, remodeling, and dysfunction and alters expression of healing-specific-matricellular proteins (HSMPs), matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs)(More)
Leptin directly acts on peripheral tissues and alters energy metabolism in obese mice. It also has acute beneficial effects on these tissues via its hypothalamic action. However, it is not clear what(More)
We determined effects of the vasopeptidase inhibitor (VPI) omapatrilat and angiotensin II type 1 receptor (AT1R) blocker (ARB) candesartan in rats during healing between day-2 and day-21 after(More)
Although acute leptin administration in the hypothalamus decreases food intake and increases peripheral energy metabolism, the peripheral actions of central chronic leptin administration are less(More)
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